Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's not That important, but... and The Irish Independent carry the story that

One-third of Irish adults are not getting their "three a day" servings of dairy to help protect teeth and bones, according to a new survey

On foot of this finding,

The National Dairy Council is now to embark on a 15-week advertising campaign to show people how to improve their calcium intake by eating a range of dairy products

Good for them. What neither outlet notes is that the survey (pdf) was commissioned by the NDC (and carried out by tns/MRBI)

Based on the overall need to strengthen the position and image of milk and dairy products

and it was carried out in April, so it's not new. And it's in the news today because the NDC is undertaking a 15-week advertising campaign to promote dairy products!

The Herald, gets it right:

Almost one-third of Irish adults don't get enough dairy in their diet, according to a survey commissioned by the National Dairy Council

The Dairy Council has published the figures to coincide with a new campaign to raise awareness about the importance of milk and other dairy products

It's not a big deal, so why be weasely about it?

was commissioned by the NDC for the purpose of establishing baseline indicators on current consumer attitudes
amongst the adult population (15+ years) in Ireland. The fieldwork was undertaken in April 2008 by TNS/MRBI and
involved a nationally representative sample of 1,017 adults.

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